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As a working Patient Advocate, small business owner and banshee-level marketer I invite you to tap into my expertise in two main areas:

1 – Consulting in Patient Advocacy and Care Management

For patients and their loved ones, and professionals on their team

  • Better understand our healthcare system that’s not showing signs of getting any easier!
  • Learn how to interact with healthcare professionals and get the healthcare you deserve 
  • Know what to expect, generate questions to ask, learn how to further your knowledge
  • Navigate the challenges in care and planning – Medical, Legal, Financial, Insurance, Housing, and Support.

2 – Coaching Professionals in the Healthcare Industry

For those who are new, still young in business, or persons simply stagnant in sales or growth

  • Identify your audience and the ways to engage them
  • Learn how to increase your visibility and improve your messaging
  • Attract the right kind of Clients to grow and sustain your business
  • Grow and prosper, creating the kind of practice you want to have!

Be sure to check out Nancy’s coaching course offerings below.

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“Nancy has very in-depth knowledge of the complicated healthcare system. I have witnessed Nancy’s use of resources to provide the best outcomes for her clients. I’m very excited that Nancy has decided to consult with patients and professionals alike to share her expertise in the industry. “

Patti Williams RN
Home Care Resources Now
Consultant and Trainer 


“I highly recommend Nancy as your go-to mentor and coach. She will continue to be part of my journey, empowering me to a place of action and confidence, in the milestones of my future success.”

Rachel L. Vaughters, BCPA



Thanks for the great marketing webinar! Very helpful and clear information delivered and Nancy was so fun to listen to and learn from. What a treat to see fellow Advocates’ faces and to meet this community. I’m looking forward to putting the marketing tactics to work.”

Rachel Westlake
Woven Health Advocacy



“Thank you very much, Nancy! You always have possibilities and suggestions! Glad you’re in the industry for the families (and us professionals sometimes) who need guidance, and resources.”

Sanjay Das


Are you young in your practice and don’t know where to turn for answers to grow your agency? Are you wondering why your message just isn’t clicking with potential Clients? Enter Nancy Ruffner’s Coaching opportunities.

Group Coaching Classes for Professionals

Nancy realized her passion for serving others through individual patient advocacy work did not impact enough people when the need is so great. To increase the ranks of professionals available to respond to the needs she began offering group coaching classes online! Now she  can share her wealth of knowledge with as many people as possible, without delay. Her signature classes provide attendees with the expert information they need to get started and allowing them to draw from one another in the process. Now other patient advocates, healthcare professionals and small business owners can learn from the “Advocate’s Advocate” from the comfort of their own home. Group coaching students also have the option of setting time with Nancy one-to-one to solve more individualized concerns.

Says Nancy: I can help business owners and sole practitioners expedite their growth and bypass some pitfalls. I will gladly share my comeuppance through the School of Hard Knocks. They work with me because they know I’ve bootstrapped my way to national prominence. I’m glad to meet folks at “the On-ramp,” and together we’ll accelerate, merge, and command the highway.

Do you feel stuck or stymied when it comes to your healthcare, navigation, or eldercare issues? Do you need more, deserve more?

One-to-One Consulting for patients and their loved ones

When patients and their loved ones find themselves “inside the kaleidoscope” of healthcare navigation or eldercare, Nancy will bring some sense and order to the situation. You will have the advantage of her years in Patient Advocacy, stemming from Social Work, her own journey with aging parents, and remaining a working supervisor in an agency that she founded. Nancy offers exclusive consulting services that can cover everything from assessment and recommendations to education by topic or engaging in a step by step journey together.

Says Nancy: “patients and their loved ones work with me because of my well-rounded experience, education or my board certification credential, and because I also bring “The 500 families”, the experiences and winning methods for the 500 folks I’ve traveled with before you. Let’s use that to our advantage!”

Be sure to visit our Patient Advocacy Page for more information on caring for yourself or a loved one to the best of your ability, with Nancy informing your every step. If your needs are in NC or in the Triangle area of Raleigh-Durham – Chapel Hill, then NAVIGATE NC will be an option for you to explore.


One-to-One Consultations are for patients OR professionals, really.

In a one-to-one consultation you will receive a level of personal care unmatched by any group class — individualized time with Nancy, herself. Nancy asks you the right questions to get to the source of your confusion and stagnation, responding with a curated, customized plan to remedy your specific issue.

If you are a professional OR an individual who feels like you need the personal attention of one-on-one coaching, don’t lose another night of sleep debating whether to pull the trigger–sleep easy after your first consultation with Nancy.

Why spend your time endlessly going down the rabbit hole of online searches looking for answers to your questions when there is a specialist who loves finding solutions for you? Nancy has already put in the leg work, bootstrapped her way to the forefront of the patient advocacy industry, and can’t wait to supply you with the tools you need to succeed.

Now put Nancy to work for you! Sign up for a class below!

Online Courses

Open Enrollment begins soon for a June 2021 group coaching experience.

"Good to GO"

Good to GO  is a five (5) week course designed to help ensure your marketing and messaging foundation is rock-solid. We’ll cover marketing fundamentals for the sole practitioner or small business owner in the healthcare industry, everything from identifying and locating that ideal client and then engaging them. More clients means more business. Are you looking  to be on solid footing and to grow? This short course will more than get the wheels turning.