Network Like a Champ

Networking is a part of doing business and a vital part of the small business owner’s existence, wouldn’t you agree? Beyond this we all have our feelings about whether we love it, hate it, enjoy it, or dread it. We all should have an understanding as to whether we do it well. Some know they need  help to get better at networking. Many of my professional peers need to learn the ins and outs of the networking racetrack. We can all improve. Let’s look under the hood at both networking In Person or Online and tweak your performance. Let’s improve our efficiency, become more comfortable at the steering wheel and get more mileage out of our networking opportunities.

Workshop Audience

This workshop is for you if…

  • You want to move through networking with confidence
  • You want perspectives and strategy
  • You want more ROI, and to get more “mileage” for your efforts
  • You want some tips, tricks and how tos to keep your skills sharp
  • You need to be regarded as the helpful person you are while maintaining control of your meetings
  • You are not a fan of networking but “have to”
  • You want to network (yes, we’re going to ROCK ON with the chat!)
  • You need strategy from an expert with a track record of success

Workshop Benefits

In this workshop, you will learn…

  • Networking is a must, a necessity, and especially for the small business owner in healthcare

  • Networking is the key to finding new clients, and finding your resource partners

  • The professional partnerships you build will help your clients and help to further position you as the expert.

  • You can begin to nurture these professional partners and turn them into referral partners.

  • You can turn folks into raving fans, even if they are not in the healthcare industry.

  • Networking is an opportunity for education.

  • Networking can position you as an expert -and you don’t have to be an extrovert to excel at it.

 You can’t start until you start. 

About Me

Hi! I’m Nancy Ruffner, and I am really pleased that you are taking a moment to check out my website. My career path has taken me through various twists and turns throughout the years. I hung out my shingle and formed my own patient advocacy and care management agency after helping my elderly parents as they aged and passed. During this difficult time, I learned so much about navigating a complex healthcare system, and felt called to help others have an easier path than I did. As a result of my experience, I found there were more ways for me to help, connect and serve within the healthcare community, specifically in the area of  small businesses. Now I am well known as a coach, consultant, teacher and speaker. 

With a love based in social services, I began my agency to apply direct pressure to the wounds I saw within the healthcare system. Since then, I’ve expanded my vision to help others use their skills to create their own niches with their healthcare practices. I take pride in my work ethic, and will keep your attention with my sense of humor. I love to help others build confidence in their own small businesses. For this reason, I offer workshops and courses to other healthcare practitioners who are hanging out their shingles, just like I did. 

Now, I am not only a patient advocate, but also a resource for my professional peers who also want to heal the wounds they see in their specialty. I am here to guide those who need an experienced helping hand to continue to do what they love to do.