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to suggest that there is always more to know about our healthcare, and, well, we’d better! 

Whether you need help getting started or support as you go along, tapping into Nancy’s expertise is your first step toward peace of mind.

About Nancy

I can tell you that I have been inside The Kaleidoscope, too. As a daughter, caregiver, care coordinator, sister and employee I would experience those all-too-brief times in caregiving when things are became calm, clear and into focus. Then BOOM, everything you’ve worked so hard to maneuver changes and disrupts your pretty view.

Armed with education and relevant work experience my sister and I thought we were the two best equipped daughters on the planet to assist our parents as they aged. My sister as part of a five-county Ombudsman office and I as a Legal/ Financial Specialist within a global EAP we were confident in our phenomenal research capabilities and had a wealth of resources at our fingertips.

Online Courses

Registration for the January 2022 informal mini-course is now OPEN! 

"Work Your Ask Off"

Work Your Ask Off is a three (3) week course designed to help bolster your comfort levels with “The ASK”, the engagement conversation with prospective clients. Shining a light on just this intersection helps many practitioners by breaking down the mechanics of it and disarming any apprehension -on the parts of both parties. Learn to become more confident as you and the client move more comfortably forward in business.

Patient Advocacy

Nancy’s passion is helping people navigate challenges, and within a healthcare system that shows no signs of getting any easier. Experience and reputation you can count on. 


Nancy helps new and young in business healthcare professionals to ready and ramp-up to serve clients who need them. Connect with your ideal clients and grow your business. 



Dee Wallis,

Wallis Law Firm, P.A.

“Nancy Ruffner is first and foremost a compassionate, effective educator.  Whether she is assisting a family facing new dilemmas and scary crises or helping a new professional move surefootedly into advising caregivers of aging family members – Nancy is clear, informative, and helpful. The skills she possesses are the skills she teaches to others – the wise use of information, insight, and perseverance.”


Karen Curtiss, BCPA

Board Certified Patient Advocate
Certified Patient Experience Coach
Founder, The Care Partner Project.

“With Nancy’s coaching, students adopt sound business practices to grow and serve increasing numbers of patients and families. In all aspects, Nancy’s leadership in patient advocacy makes a significant impact on healthcare literacy and the availability of support for patients and families who would otherwise be lost in our complicated healthcare system.”


Rachel Vaughters, BCPA

“Patient Advocacy is still an emerging field and Nancy is among those who serve as a Mentor and leads national calls for our professional organization. Coaching and mentoring come naturally for her, along with her positive energy, vast knowledge of the area, and available resources. All of this combined, provided me critical information to help start my own independent patient advocacy business.”

Organizations Nancy Has Worked With

NC State-Bar
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Arizona Association of Patient Advocates

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