About Nancy

Who is Nancy?

Count Nancy in as the kind of person who eats, sleeps and breathes her advocacy for her clients. Nancy’s mission is to help you get the care you deserve and understand your journey through change.

Among her most significant accomplishments has been the formation of her patient advocacy and care management agency named Navigate NC LLC in 2013. Nancy has used her agency as a platform to help hundreds of families to navigate the challenges of a complex healthcare system.

Nancy has an incredible work ethic and remarkable work experience from her 40 years working professionally. Her Bachelor of Science in Social Work and Masters Certificate in Counselor Education prepared and bolstered her career. When you work with Nancy you will see dogged, in-your-corner allegiance to you and your loved ones.

Nancy’s real strength lies in education and in her ability to guide and coach through times of rapid change. She will call upon humor to diffuse tense times as she helps you to “meet The Deweys.” (You know The Deweys: How do we, When do we, What do we, Who do we, and Why do we).

Long a working supervisor herself, Nancy has a tremendous lay of the health-care land. She will tell you that she is “a well-developed, well-cataloged library” there for you. Nancy has become a font of knowledge, history and navigational expertise for her clients.

The move to expand her patient advocacy by consulting and coaching is close to a calling and similar to the one she experienced that led to her founding NAVIGATE NC. You can read that story in her blog “I Am the Sum of My Parts.

Says Nancy: “The short version is that I have realized that my strengths were already manifesting in me by the 4th grade! I unknowingly searched for a way to use them, to be fulfilled and on the beam. What occurred was indeed intuitive. I went on a path I did not understand, from the decision to enter social work in college, the sidetrack to pursue sales as part of my career, and a lot of ricocheting in between the two.”

“My story ends with me finding my beam, my purpose, first getting a glimpse of something akin to it, and then finding myself creating a groove where I could really deliver, and then larger and more meaningful ways. This is that way.”

Nancy can help you.


“I thought for sure you could help. There is a lot of need out there for people just like her trying to make these decisions and you are just who they need this day and time. “

Stan Hill



“Thank you very much, Nancy! You always have possibilities and suggestions! Glad you’re in the industry for the families (and us professionals sometimes) who need guidance, and resources.”

Sanjay Das