Patient Advocacy Consulting

Tap My Brain…

As a working Patient Advocate, eldercare business owner and banshee-level networker, I invite you to tap into my expertise.

Consulting in Patient Advocacy and Care Management

For patients and their loved ones, and professionals on their team

  • Better understand our healthcare system that’s not showing signs of getting any easier!
  • Learn how to interact with healthcare professionals and get the healthcare you deserve 
  • Know what to expect, generate questions to ask, and learn how to further your knowledge
  • Navigate the challenges in care and planning – Medical, Legal, Financial, Insurance, Housing, and Support.

Services Designed For

  • Patients, Elders, and loved ones. We begin with change, usually medical, and then that begins to spill over to housing, legal, and so on. I’m used to helping folks encountering changes and in more than one category
  • Adult Children of Aging Parents – Whether it’s your first foray into senior care or it’s a tough patch. I help those who may be stuck or stymied and ease long-distance caregiving challenges
  • Solo Agers – (Since I am one!) I enjoy fostering successful aging for persons aging without the support of built-in family as caregivers. Let’s find Community and let’s build your team!


“Thank you very much, Nancy! You always have possibilities and suggestions! Glad you’re in the industry for the families (and us professionals sometimes) who need guidance, and resources.”

Sanjay Das



“Nancy is amazing! A wealth of knowledge on this subject and she is a great communicator.”

Ashley Doolittle


“Excellent information Nancy! I will likely be an Elder Orphan. It’s a scary thought. People like you make it less scary. I like the idea of having the ‘advantage’ to ‘build’ your own team:) Thank you for all you do!”

Nichole Smith
Community Outreach Specialist at ComForCare Home Care


Do you feel stuck or stymied when it comes to your healthcare, navigation, or eldercare issues? Do you need more, deserve more?

One-to-One Consulting for patients and their loved ones

When patients and their loved ones find themselves “inside the kaleidoscope” of healthcare navigation or eldercare, Nancy will bring some sense and order to the situation. You will have the advantage of her years in Patient Advocacy, stemming from Social Work, her own journey with aging parents, and remaining a working supervisor in an agency that she founded. Nancy offers exclusive consulting services that can cover everything from assessment and recommendations to education by topic or engaging in a step by step journey together.

Says Nancy: “patients and their loved ones work with me because of my well-rounded experience, education or my board certification credential, and because I also bring “The 500 families”, the experiences and winning methods for the 500 folks I’ve traveled with before you. Let’s use that to our advantage!”

Be sure to visit our Patient Advocacy Page for more information on caring for yourself or a loved one to the best of your ability, with Nancy informing your every step. If your needs are in NC or in the Triangle area of Raleigh-Durham – Chapel Hill, then NAVIGATE NC will be an option for you to explore.


One-to-One Consultations are for patients OR professionals, really.

In a one-to-one consultation, you will receive a level of personal care unmatched by any group or class — individualized time with Nancy, herself. Nancy asks you the right questions to get to the source of your confusion and stagnation, responding with a curated, customized plan to remedy your specific issue.

If you are a professional OR an individual who feels like you need the personal attention of one-on-one coaching, don’t lose another night of sleep debating whether to pull the trigger–sleep easy after your first consultation with Nancy.

Why spend your time endlessly going down the rabbit hole of online searches looking for answers to your questions when there is a specialist who loves finding solutions for you? Nancy has already put in the leg work, bootstrapped her way to the forefront of the patient advocacy industry, and can’t wait to supply you with the tools you need to succeed.