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RNegades Podcast


I NEEDED A ME, SO I BECAME ONE”: How to Solve Problems and Fill Gaps in Healthcare by Becoming the Solution

Aging Well Podcast

Firing Beauty in the Gray

Inside the Kaleidoscope. Just When You Think It’s Coming Into Focus, It Will Change.

Patient Advocacy for Solo Agers

Positive Aging Community

Jewish For Good, Crafty Lead-Ins to Difficult Conversations<br />

Jewish For Good, Aging and Thriving Conference 2023

360 Talk Radio Podcast: Aging and Difficult Health Conversations<br />

360 Podcast for Women

Being The Space Podcast episode #6

Nurse Adriane RN

Nancy Ruffner Guest on Monday Mornings with Nancy and Dan

Monday Morning Conversations with Nancy and Dan

Steve Gurney and Nancy Ruffner on The Positive Aging Community

Solo Aging: Embracing INDependence & INTERdependence

LEARNIdaho Presentation

Navigating the Challenges of Solo Agers