What is the Painkillers Mastermind?

Running a small or solo business is challenging… you don’t have to do it alone.

This group is an opportunity to connect with your peers, and find out how they run their practices. Find out how they charge, how they deal with scope creep (or boundary issues) What’s working (and not working!) for their business.
The group meets twice a month (via zoom) under the guidance of Nancy Ruffner.

Mastermind Group lead by: Nancy Ruffner

“You can’t start until you start.”

Topics that are discussed includes:

  • How to get paid for ALL the work you do and the services you provide
  • Which fee proposal strategy is the most successful
  • When (and how) to  collect payments from challenging clients
  • How to avoid scope creep, and tow the line on boundaries
  • Which negotiation style is best 
  • The best sales approaches
  • Marketing success stories
  • Social media shortcuts 
  • What’s the best small practice software

Why Join?

Become a Painkiller so that you don’t have to face the challenges of running a small healthcare business alone. By sharing your questions and experiences you’ll be able to gain a more solid footing while helping others.


To join this group you must meet the following criteria:

  I be the owner (or part-owner) in a small business. Solos welcome!

  I provide services within the healthcare sector

  I be willing & able to participate in biweekly group (zoom) meetings

  I be prepared to share what’s working and not working in your practice

  I be ready to contribute helpful resources, and to lift up the vibe!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people are in the group?

Painkillers will be limited to 8 participants. Application and registration are available on a first-come, first-served, basis.

How much does it cost?

Annual – $99/month for 12 months
Quarterly – $149/month for 3 months
Monthly – $199/month 

When does the group meet?

The group meets every other Wednesday of every month at 4pm (EST). All meetings are conducted via zoom; hosted by Nancy Ruffner. 

What is it not?

The Painkillers Group is not a seminar, workshop or formal presentation. If you are looking for formal training please contact me to learn about other courses or coaching opportunities.

What does the group Expect from you?

Members of the Painkillers Mastermind expect your commitment, participation, honesty, punctuality and confidentiality.

What is a Spotlight Session?

In keeping with a mastermind format or style there will be opportunities for Spotlight Sessions (I refuse to call them “Hotseats” as other groups do, it’s intimidating. The Painkillers  Mastermind is focused on support, and solution). In a Spotlight Session you and the group will work on your business, your challenges, sticking points and such.  We will create and offer constructive ideas for adjustments.  Every time we meet there will be a dedicated time for folks to offer updates, and WINs, so we will await yours!

Have any more Questions you’d like answered?

Schedule a call with me today! Are calendar time slots not a fit? Send an email to hello@nancyruffner.com and i’ll get back to you to set something up!

…you opened up my mind from saying everybody is my client, when in fact we have to have an ideal client to shoot for. So that really helped me. I’m so happy that I found your class. For me, what I really took from the class is your ideal client that you spoke about.
Adrianne Crawford

Coaching and mentoring come naturally for Nancy, along with her positive energy, vast knowledge of the area, and available resources. All of this combined, provided me critical information to help start my own independent patient advocacy business.
Rachel L. Vaughters, BCPA

I really appreciated Nancy’s Teaching style. OMG! I appreciate that you gave us homework because it really made me stop and think. I hadn’t had exposure to that before and it’s really going to be useful to me going forward. You want us to do better. You want us to be able to build our businesses to help people, and we’re people helpers and so we don’t necessarily have the skills yet to run a successful business. And I thank you for bringing all of those pieces together to help us do that.
Chris Van Haren