Savvy Solos

Savvy Solos members are people who are aging alone, managing their lifestyle without the benefit of built-in family. Some know us as “Elder Orphans”, or “Solo Agers” or simply “Solos”. Whatever moniker we choose for ourselves we can all become savvy.

Savvy about how to plan for aging well. To shore up plans and have them better serve us. To gain new knowledge by way of exchange or education. To see and circumvent pitfalls. To build Community by finding like minded folks and journeying together for a little ways. Savvy means smart. Resourceful. Knowing. Strategic, even.

Savvy Solos is a group, designed for people like you, who wish to learn and give and receive, to expose themselves to new (or tried ‘n true) ideas and methods to age wisely, and safely. It’s a group, an exchange, a lectern or an ear. It’s fellowship, and it is seeking.

Join other Savvy Solos as we meet on Zoom on alternating Thursdays. Help shape the group into what you want or need it to be. Come and participate, come and benefit. Come and be with.

Sound good? Joining us is easy.

The Savvy Solos group meets on alternating Thursdays beginning June 30, 2022
from 4-5pm EST (1-2pm PST) on Zoom.

Subscription Options: 
Savvy Solos is a subscription, billed monthly, quarterly, or biannually, your choice. Join now for discounted pricing for Charter members AND get your second month FREE!

Monthly: $9.99/mo

The monthly membership is an auto-renewing monthly membership. Unless you cancel before the end of your current term, your payment method will automatically be charged every month on the date of sign-up. For example, if you signed up on the 15th of December, you won’t be charged again until the 15th of January.

When you sign up you will receive a confirmation and your link to the meeting. You will have the opportunity to jump in and contribute to the group right away because I’ll supply you with a survey to begin learning more about what is important to you. Your group, your input, from the very beginning and along the way, too.

You will also receive reminder emails on the day of our meetings that contain the link to join on Zoom.

Easy-peasy, right? Join us now, won’t you?  

See you inside the Savvy Solos group.
Nancy, and friends!

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Alternating Thursdays
4-5pm EST on Zoom

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