What Happens During a Complimentary Consultation?

Aug 10, 2022 | Uncategorized

Like many providers in healthcare services, I offer a Complimentary Consultation.

I’m pretty certain people may see that and think “Gee, that’s nice. Let’s DO that.” I am also pretty certain that there a those who will be more cautious of something at no cost.

Nancy RuffnerThey may wonder what to expect or just what goes on? What will be asked of me, will I have to DO anything? And a few will wonder “Is she going to SELL me?”

Because you deserve answers and transparency, I wrote this and made a video. I will outline and explain what a Complimentary Consultation is and what it is NOT. I want to be certain to set minds at ease.

So for “Everything You’ve Always Want to Know But Were Afraid to Ask, here we go.

Now, whenever I’m asked about a Complimentary Consultation here is my pat answer:

“It’s a 20-minute telephonic conversation. We schedule them so as to dedicate time and ensure I am focused on your matter alone.

You may tell me about your concerns, and I’ll likely tell you that I’ve assisted folks in similar circumstances, and there’s time for Q&A.”

That doesn’t sound foreboding at all, now does it? It’s a conversation. Continue reading.

Who is a Complimentary Consultation for?


It’s for a Potential Consulting Client, and it’s for me, also. We need to see if we are a fit. We need to see if I am the right provider for you, and I need to see if you are the right client for me. No Worries! I will always vow help get you where you need to go. Together we will use this time to further things.

Whether the person seeking the consultation may be

  •  A client or patient needing help with healthcare navigation (aka “How Stuff Works” in the beguiling land of healthcare   
  • Persons seeking help with eldercare, aging and planning
  • A Solo Ager or Solo with successful aging concerns 
  • An Adult Children with Aging Parents who are changing, or planning,
  • A Small Business Entrepreneur in healthcare looking for a leg up in marketing or start-up.

Here’s exactly how a Complimentary Consultation works:


Aging Woman on the PhoneWe’re together on the phone at a time that is good for us both. We’ve scheduled it, it has been given the priority it deserves. It’s a dedicated 20-minute appointment so that I may focus on you.

I’m confirming your contact info and making sure you have mine. I may ask how you heard about me.

We’ll talk about your matter, your concerns. I will ask questions so as to round out my understanding. I am jotting notes!

I will share some ways I’ve helped folks in situations similar to yours.

There’s always time for some Q&A.

The purpose and what is happening in this 20-minute convo.


  • Maybe you want to see if I pass muster if we are a fit to work together if I am the one to guide you. I myself consider it to be a job interview of sorts.
  • I am evaluating the same. Am I right for you, can I create a positive impact?
  • Together we shed light on the situation and how things might be improved or planned for.

If it appears we are a good fit to work together we’ll cover the “business end” of engaging me and how to begin.

In the event we are not a fit, if I’m not what you need, then I will TELL YOU.  

I am known to often say that I was taught early on in my undergrad curriculum of Social Work that “I was not all things to all people, and I need to be ready and capable to refer out.” This reflects my moral compass and pledge since 1979, and I will do my level best to help get you where you need to go. 

  • Perhaps I know of a better resource that comes closer to your need. I will TELL you.
  • Sometimes I find folks that do need me, but they need an attorney or physician before they need me!! I can come in later, and I will advise on how to proceed now when things are time-or-matter-sensitive. I will TELL you.



What I WILL NOT DO is “sell you”. Nope, not in my nature. I may offer services, but more importantly, I believe that we need to both be happy about – and during – our time together, dontcha think?

It is a packed 20-minutes and efficient use of our time.

We can find a fit and gain some understanding and direction.

When we decide to work together, I’ve already got basic information and notes, so we can roll right into services and hit the ground running. Roll on to remedy!

Either way, we’ll each know more than we did before. I can tell you this with all honestly: More than a few folks have said to me at the end of a Complimentary Consultation that they felt a sense of relief and direction.

It’s really a good call. I enjoy them a lot. And it’s time well spent for us both.

Now you know what to expect, what happens, what it is, and what it is not. You also now have a sense of the kind of person with whom you’ll be speaking. 😊

Let’s get started! Schedule your Complimentary Consultation today.

Some interested people may hang back because they don’t know what will occur during our consultation, and what will be expected of them. It’s truly and simply a good conversation and one I’d like to share with you. Contact me today to set up our call. nancyruffner.com  919.628.4428